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Hello guys its ApexAwesome with another review this time on Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. this game is a 3rd person shooter and bases its story in the life of treasure hunter Nathen Drake anecestor of Sir Francis Drake a british privateer. the main story focuses on the myth of the atlantis of the sands. The plot begins to unravel as you progress through the streets of colmobia where Nate a orphan at the time was raised to a castle locating where this great treasure hides. At least to say naughty dog have pulled of another brillient game with a campaign ou will be addicted to. Overall the game has a movie feel and is packed with tension, these are what make Uncharted series brillientilly gripping. the multiplayer gives a variety of different game modes so there will always be something for everyone. as well as incorporating of campaign missions to play with your friends online. this game is rated 8/10 personally i like the fact that it gives a movie like feel

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